Is it worth spending money to buy art prints?

  1. Prints are not that new in the art collecting realm

Think Andy Warhol.

Some of the most iconic contemporary pieces are prints.
In all honesty, it is not a case of prints taking over the art scene, but perhaps a case of artists who used to deal with original works only – are now open to adding editioned prints to their repertoire.

2. Prints are not that new in the art collecting realm

More content to more people in the same time (in front of their canvas).

This also creates another range of works for the would-be collectors. Prints are cheaper than an original canvas from the same artist.

Sometimes the silkscreen & other techniques create variance / unpredictability in the artwork which comes as a surprise to all!

3. So are prints less desirable and hence less worthy of collecting?

This is how I personally rank what is more desirable.

Then again, a silkscreen print from Andy Warhol is still more desirable than an original from an unknown artist.

Plenty of factors at play.

4. I can’t get over the fact I am paying thousands on a print. Should i do it?

The realm of collecting art / collectibles is expanding everyday. Sneakers, Toys Trading Cards, Vintage Comics etc.

For me, I always see what the next tier up of art from the same artist will cost me. If a Murakami original is going to set me back millions, then $5000 for a Ed.100 Silkscreen sounds about right.

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