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Dutch born artist Irene Hoff lives and works in Bali, Indonesia, creating beautiful, unique artworks inspired by the nature and culture that surrounds her (dreamy!). After pursuing a vocational career, Irene made the bold decision to pack up, emigrate to Bali and explore her artistic passions – and we’re so grateful that she did. From projects exploring the fragility of endangered species, to faded, mysterious portraits, her layered collage works are truly enchanting. Read our exclusive interview with the artist to hear her story, see her works in progress and step into her incredible studio space.

Tell us about the artwork you make. What are the processes you use, and the concepts that lie behind it?

I create art with the intention of revitalising a viewer, and encouraging us to dream again and live without boundaries, like children do. I create layered collages that are imbued with meaning to be uncovered piece by piece. I incorporate hidden symbolic elements within my works, often using feathers, as an icon of wisdom for example. I would describe my art as colourful, mysterious, witty and uplifting. My hope is that my artworks will bring a smile to someone’s face, and draw them into a world of mystery.

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